The Moon Phase Luxe 4.5 mm Yoga Mat: Midnight Collection

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The Moon Phase is for the lovers of nature and admirers of the cyclical nature of Mama Moon. The feminine grace in the night sky, harness her powers to enhance manifesting and cleansing rituals. To remind you to honour the cyclical being that you are and to remind you of the power of the feminine energy within and all around us.

Unrivalled in non-slip grip to hold you in your strongest pose and your sweatiest workout, she’s the ultimate all-in-one that will last you years of use.

Your poses will stick to her 100% vegan PU rubber (and 100% natural tree rubber base). Our stickiest, grippiest mat, best for Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga where you need a mat to support you through your flow, in both heated and non-heated practices.

This mat is extra wide and long (wider and longer than our micro-suede mats) for easy movement up and down your mat in class. Comes with a black mat carry strap that doubles as a yoga stretching strap.

This will be the last yoga mat you ever have to purchase - she is of the absolute highest quality and thick and shock-absorbing.

This mat has an extra waterproof layer within, which makes it perfect for use for prolonged use in heated practices without becoming mouldy or falling apart over time.